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all those moments between us were real, and they'll always be ours.

major choices this player chose in her playthrough below! beware: hella spoilers ahead. am willing to change any of these around to better suit threads. just ask!

  • max reported nathan.

  • max comforted victoria.

  • max intervened to help kate.

  • max took the blame for chloe.

  • max told kate to go to the police.

  • max answered kate's call.

  • max tried to shoot frank.

  • max did not tamper with the traintracks.

  • max was able to save kate.

  • max blamed mr. jefferson.

  • max did not let chloe take the money.

  • max kissed chloe.

  • max sided with david.

  • max saved pompidou (frank's dog).

  • chloe has david's gun.

  • max rejected chloe's request.

  • max stopped warren.

  • the confrontation with frank ended with everyone safe.

  • max did not warn victoria/did not talk to her at all (as this leads to her being taken by jefferson).

and last... but not least... bay or the bae?

  • saved the bay. :(

and as an extra, some, somewhat important minor choices.

  • max always warned alyssa.

  • max was a good baby mama to her plant.

  • max warned the homeless woman about her dream.

  • max was on the vortex club list.

  • max left a mark on the fireplace.

  • max saved the bird(s).

  • max helped everyone in the destroyed town.

  • max chose to leave warren instead of kissing or hugging him. fuck off warren